Thursday, June 26, 2008

"We gloriously forget ourselves..." E.B. Browning

this morning brings in its dawn a rekindled passion and voracity and motivating energy towards books, reading, and words.

perhaps it is my daily goodreads updates that bring me news of my loved one's reads. devon had a great post on Eat, Pray, Love that sparked memories of italian strolls.

perhaps it's kelly and brad coming home from camping, each having finished a book i love (Geek Love and Pride & Prejudice) and this sparked my memory of circus freaks and luscious decolletage.

perhaps it was my 40 hour entire reading of A Wrinkle In Time this past week that started the itch for more words and for fantastical stories.

perhaps it was the no TV night last night - where instead I sat on the bed at dusky 8pm, with sunbeams and moonlight tickling my skin as i devoured The Eye of the World (at 300 pages in, its getting very very good). It has given me an itch for fantasy. This itch went so far as to acquiesce to playing Heroes with Joel last night for two hours. It was rather fun - and quite addicting.

Perhaps it was this morning's stumblings into some beautiful poems by Elizabeth Barret Browning - who happens to be one of the most admirable women in the literary field. Or was.

Books, books, books had found the secret of a garret-room piled high with cases in my father's name;
Piled high, packed large, --where, creeping in and out among the giant fossils of my past, like some small nimble mouse between the ribs of a mastodon,
I nibbled here and there at this or that box, pulling through the gap, in heats of terror, haste, victorious joy, the first book first.
And how I felt it beat under my pillow, in the morning's dark.
An hour before the sun would let me read!
My books!~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~

We get no good
By being ungenerous, even to a book,
And calculating profits, -- so much help
By so much reading. it is rather when
We gloriously forget ourselves and plunge
Soul-forward, headlong, into a book's profound,
Impassioned for its beauty and salt of truth
-- '
Tis then we get the right good from a book." (1857) ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~
(bold emphasis mine)"
I love being lost in books, one of the few times where i can loose and find myself all at once...looking forward to my various camping trips where I mix alcohol, nature, charcoaled food, and endless hours of supine reading.

I bequeath this itch to you, my companions through words.

Mme. Bookling.


Melissa said...

I know that no one really looks forward to being sick, but doesn't it give you the perfect allotment of time to read? I remember a time that while sick I finished a trilogy. It was fantastic! Bring on the minor head colds and sore throats so as to have more reading time! (But the flu, broken limbs, pneumonia, and other long lasting non being able to read type illnesses please stay away!)

The Noisy Plume: said...

LOVE AND ADORE the quote by E Browning....Le sigh:)

candace morris said...

M!I know, I know - being sick is often the only excuse I give myself to read so voraciously.

J~Elizabeth Barret Browning is a crown of sighs indeed. What a woman! I endeavor to posses even a fraction of her nobility.

Benjamin said...

The dungeon or tower. The best castles to be.