Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden"

at last night's Bastille Day celebration, two references were made to "candace's bookstore" that reminded me that -

hello, i am wanting to open a bookstore.

i get so caught up in the zillions of lives happening around me, and of course and especially my own. i have an apartment to finish decorating, money to make, work that has been increasingly needy, an overworked husband, an active social life, vacations, writing, and reading to attend to.

so working on my business plan has taken a back burner indeed .

but these two delicious comments seeped in and watered the burgeoning seed of my dream.

BOOKLING! i pray to god i see your fruition.

oh, right. what were the comments, you ask.
  1. in response to "what are you doing with your life.." ben said, i am going to work at candace's book store. this proceeded to help us dream about when it's slow and he gets to sit on the end of the bar with a pipe and his typewriter.
  2. we walked by the cutest little tea shop with a metal tea pot hanging from the sign, and brad admired it aloud. i said we must do as much for Bookling.
  3. Julie talked about opening a coffee shop in/around the store and being the in-house gardener.

Just these little reminders - the hints that my friends are not forgetting my dream - and are also dreaming about it themselves - this engenders passion in this book lover's soul.

Also, today I was interested in the GRE vocabulary list that I studied when I took that beastly test. I found a link to one and have been studying it for some of the morning. Take a looksy and use a new word today!

Mine is fledgling - a baby bird; an inexperienced person.

~mme. bookling

p.s. last week's quote was from Mark Twain.


-B. said...

Are you studying for the GRE my dear? I have gifts for you if you are... I start my lovely class on the 28th. You are welcome to any and all materials I come by... after all what good is it to work for Test Prep, if I can't help you achieve a higher score... -B.

mme. bookling said...

god no. i took it three times and that is enough for one lifetime.

i was just referencing the 200 flashcards of vocab words that I loved learned while studying.

i would nOT resent any free materials though.

The Noisy Plume: said...
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The Noisy Plume: said...

How I adore the word "fledge" and not just because it's the name of the winged horse in the creation story of Narnia...but because I'm always likening my life to the topsy turvy tipping out of a nest and sometimes flying and sometimes hitting the ground.