Thursday, November 6, 2008

the winner

i was debating what to read next.
i have agonized.
i have listed list after list after [joyous] list.

i watched the new BBC version of Sense and Sensibility last night, and afterward, wandered over in my stockinged feet, tear-stained face, and disheveled hair to my bookshelves.

i sat in front of them.
i touched and smelled them [a veritable fondling].
i organized, arranged...listened.

and the winner reveled its Russian self,
and my e.s.p. was right again, as i had a hunch i would pick this one.
but then i couldn't find it last night; it got lost among the other opuses.

until i did.
i found it.

ladies and gents,
i give you.

my next book choice...

From the winner

From the winner

go bury your nose in a book.
like the geeky bookworms you are.
every one's doing it.

~le madame bookling


UmberDove said...

I think that this one, nose buried, might be my all time favorite picture of you (for this month at least, because I know you will soon take another that will move me).

The Noisy Plume: said...

I was going to say exactly what Kelly just said and she beat me to it:)

I love the way you love literature.