Saturday, January 31, 2009

a {book}room of one's own

i have a dream.
i dream of a space all for me.
this space will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • books.
  • windows with pastoral, bucolic, boreal, or oceanic scapes.
  • light {of the natural kind}.
  • 18th-century desk like this one.

  • as seen on domino

  • typewriter.
  • computer.
  • quill, parchment, and ink.
  • fainting couch.
  • fireplace.
  • a bosom-enhancing dress with coquettish lace collar.
  • an eclectic selection of music ranging from Ulrich Snaush to Frédéric Chopin.
  • an enviable collection of port, brandy, and scotch.
  • a replenished [by my butler, of course] tray of cheeses, crackers, jams, fruits, petie fours, and chocolates.
  • bright blooms of peony and bells of ireland - or an abundance of whatever is in bloom.
  • a camera/photography station.

oh how i dream.
in fact, every night as i sit on the side of my bed lotioning my winter skin, i see a collection of pictures from many who also foster this dream for me. a smartly-dressed female on a ladder amidst stacks of books, an owl sitting on an open book, a card that tells me of my dreams...and i sigh, close my eyes, and wish.

and even if it never comes to fruition, at least i have been with my wish every night - and no economy or disappointment can ever take that away.

while we're on the subject,
i also dream of rooms and rooms of books. i think people used to call them librarys and i want one in my home. in my internet wanderings, i have stumbled upon some really dreamy pictures of what i like to call bookrooms.

above and below courtesy of David Tsay Photography as seen on SFGirl

see some of my flickr favorites for desks that would suffice in my dream...

a room of one's own: compilation one

1. 2007-09-13 - Paris - Louvre - Writing Desk, 2. Writing Desk, 3. Jules Verne's writing desk, 4. I want this writing desk

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

a room of one's own: compilation two

1. My Writing Desk, 2. me and my writing desk, 3. sunny nook 4. writing desk

le sigh trios.


annika said...

we have the same library dreams! we will have our dreams someday, i'm sure of it, because we must.

Melissa said...

I want zebra seated room with the heavily wooded (and foggy) view.

I belong in the mountains. I am SO in the wrong place.