Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moore's "Soul Mates"

For those of you who've been around for any length of time, you well know my devout adoration and affection for Thomas Moore. First introduced to him through The Care of the Soul: A Guide to Cultivating Sacredness in Everyday Life, I was intrigued and quickly amassed all Moore I could find at any used bookstore (is there any other kind?!)

Last year, he published A Life at Work and joel, jess, and i went to hear him read from the piece at Elliot Bay Books. It was such a delightful and well-timed experience as we were all, ARE all, in the time of life where we question our careers in an attempt to slow down and live more soulfully instead of monetarily.

Just last week, I picked up Soul Mates on tape (our freaking CD player is broken) and have greatly enjoyed being reemerged into Moore's ideologies. He never fails to offend and challenge my "churched" sensibilities and instead ushers me into the truly sacred.

Soul Mates is another amazing installment in Moore's lifelong quest towards advocating the mysterious and unfathomable depths of the human soul and how it can possible amalgamate to another equally enigmatic human soul. Moore confronts moralism in sexuality as well as pondering the needs of soul - in that it often wants detachment just as much as attachment, coldness as well as passion. Though I consider myself a lover of soul and proponent of the soul's journey, Moore never ceases to press further into the process and combats the arid analysis of relationships and the "lets fix it" mentality through practical means, and encourages relationships to delve into every aspect of the relationship - even the vices - in an effort to hear what the soul of your being has to say. Always challenging, never simple, forever entrenched in the mythology of Jungian and Grecian archetypes, I find Moore more and more (hah) offering me a truth older and safer than I know...

As a result, I have picked up another of his, The Soul of Sex.

Until nex time,
mme. bookling


Anonymous said...

Check out Barque: Thomas Moore at http://barque.blogspot.com for more about Moore. It celebrates its fourth anniversary today, April Fool's Day. Drop by the associated forum where Moore occasionally contributes comments and posts.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am so sorry to barge into your blog being that we are unfamiliar with each other: I love to read your blog linked in from Jillian's from time to time (you are achingly eloquent) and I am an avid fan of Thomas Moore's writing, too!

I found Soul Mates at a time in my life when I was with a man who wasn't very kind and it jangled me loose from thinking it had to be that way forever.

Thanks for writing about this remarkable author!

Allison (Sunny)

mme. bookling said...

Thanks for visiting. You are not a stranger at all, my dear. Welcome, of course. Also, thanks for your touching accolades - they penetrate my soul indeed.

Thomas Moore for president!!