Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Writing as Therapy?

To those of you stuck, pissed, hurting, confused, afraid, insecure, and blocked...

"Fury jams the gullet and spreads poison, but as soon as I start to write, dissipates, flows out in to the figure of the letters: writing as therapy?" (413).

She was on to something here. I was talking to my lovely red last night (who is on a personal writing retreat as we speak) and I was agreeing with her how writing seems to de-stigma all the feelings we think shouldn't be present. Usually, if I'm upset about something and just WRITE IT DOWN, it tends to be less demonizing. I think we fear the written word, fear that they will give permanence to a situation we would much rather see retreating from us. But I do think it turns out to be the exact opposite.


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