Thursday, May 29, 2008

[women] "should be woo'd and were not made to woo"

dear loving readers:
please do not forget your assignment. please read title of blog and make an educated guess based on your astute educations and elite cultural exposure as to the origin of said quote.
thank you.
mme. bookling.

well happy thursday, hopeful bookstore patrons. i find myself thinking less about the bookstore these days and more about my little sister's wedding. i suppose that is to be expected - that this dream will interweave with my life and like a good wine, grab up it's influences and aromas to enrich itself.
june 8th is the big day.
Mme. Bookling (c'est moi) will be looking fabulous in her new 20lbs lighter body.


this wedding will also bring me adam and erin from savannah, georgia. adam will sit with me after the wedding and we will discuss booklings with vehemence and dreams (all well-mixed with reality and temperance, bien sur).
so you see the connection - this wedding will have a great part in booklings.
i suppose i should get started on the business plan (see questions on first blog), but ordering parasols, making massage appointments, and meticulizing (i know) over the itinerary is just so much MORE FUN. (shhhh, booklings can't hear).

maybe today's lunch with friends will help me answer some questions.
(that is, if i can get them to NOT talk about the wedding, and since they are the caterer and the artistic designer, this will be a feat).
but all of this to say - life happens in the midst of dreams. dreams happen in the midst of life.

(what's in the clouds for you?)

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