Sunday, May 25, 2008

love's not time's fool

i sometimes laugh at myself. i just feel like i change my mind so easily about so many things.

i mean it.

like two months ago, i was all psychology all the time. i still really love it, and wouldn't mind still pursuing it, but i have moved on to new interests.

and SNAP. i am all of a sudden interested in being an entrepreneur. this just makes me laugh at myself.

and laughing is necessary for us all.

i think for far too long i have discredited the fact that i waver. (and boy do i waver). when i start a new interest, i almost immediately steal the energy from behind it because i know i am going to eventually loose interest. then, i never pursue the thing in the first place.

so through this whole opening a bookstore thing, i am really focusing on not discrediting that i waver. now matter how hard i wish for powers to morf myself into a certain mathematical, even-keeled, immensely logical theologian who never seems to freak out about anything, i am realizing more and more that this existence doesn't give me a choice. i have to be candace.

and all.

i haven't left you booklings.

p.s what are you reading today? may your memorial day bring even 15 min with a very good book.


UmberDove said...

I will confess to reading nothing more stimulating than this month's issue of Bazaar, which is still pretty stimulating when you start speaking of Vera Wang's winter floral maxi, Fendi's over-the-knee white boots, Gucci's boho mini, and Carolina Herrera's yellow fedoras. Yes please! Should I go on?

candace morris said...

Answer: SHakespeare's SOnnet 116