Monday, June 2, 2008

"i wonder that you will still be talking, signior benedict: nobody marks you."

After a rather rousing good time at the Sex in the City movie this weekend, Mme. Bookling and five of her dear friends sat around her apartment, lips dripping with wine, brownies, and happy wordlings.

One question was posed to the group…the answers of which relates to literature, so the Madame must share.

“Name one movie plot, hero/heroine, or book that you most relate to as a woman.”

EKKKKEEE. I freaked out for a second when I realized that literature was also included – this is just much too vast a question. When Niki realized my distress, she excluded literature and I relaxed.

My answer was still literature BUT it was also a fabulous cinematic movement, so HAH.

Answers - only given after the many qualifications women are known for…

“I know this is really cliché, but…”
(on a side note…DUDE, I say fuck cliché. I am so tired of it being a discredit to something we can/can’t wear, do/don’t do, say/don’t say, drink/don’t drink, feel/don’t feel. Cliché only takes into account the masses of women that we imagine are judging us – cliché is only cliché if we let it be, so embrace your likes/dislikes - they are what makes you YOU).

Now to the answers:

Jo from Little Women
Joel and Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Allie from The Notebook
from Much Ado about Nothing

Pretty great answers. How about you? Movie hero/heroine you most relate to.

Too bad the weekend is over, dear readerlings!
~Mme. Bookling


catholicbeer said...

You obviously forgot Lieutenant Ripley from Alien... she's pretty bad-ass, right?

candace morris said...

oh beer of the saints,
i sometimes forget that you are just my biggest fan, and the only real reader of my words...and that your perfect woman is one with the mouthy sassyness of beatrice and the bass-ass alien-murdering abilities of ripley.

candace morris said...

much ado about nothing. too easy for this post, i know.

Benjamin said...

As I drink rancid mead (It goes down better if you just chug it), I find myself really wanting to be Paiki (spelling might be wrong, but the little girl from the Whale Rider). Fuck my heart is constantly torn already, might as well lead some folk out of darkness with some bad assness

Melissa said...

Another too east... Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

She has a special place in my heart though. One night, as a teenager I couldn't sleep. I wandered into the living room to find my dad flipping through the channels. I flopped myself down and spied Pride & Prejudice while he was surfing. He caved and turned the channel over and we ended up watching the first 1 1/2 hour of the movie, the rest being shown at the same late night time over the next couple of days. With an unspoken agreement we met at the TV in the middle of the night for the next installment of Pride & Prejudice. Years later, after I was married and living overseas, I received the box set for Christmas from my dad and it made me not quite as homesick while I watched it late one night.