Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"we read to know we are not alone"

why do i feel so inspired to read when i can't possibly read, and never inspired to read when it's available to me?

yes, yes, i am still struggling with finding reading time since the commute was stolen from me. (i am very bitter. nope.)

last night i thought "this is it!"

let me set the scene:

10pm. the house blanketed in peace. joel fast asleep...new lamps on either side of our couch. all other lights off - all sights and sounds feel very library-esque. my book beckons (remember i am still really trying to get into this book i promised joel i would read (see left) ), only my computer is right on the way to my book. i can't go to bed because i have clothes drying in the communal laundry room. i have to stay up...so yeah, the computer is the most logical choice.

i am not a tv watcher, really. i mean, i don't just sit and peruse through tv, we don't even have it. but i can watch certain series IF i have them. since i don't have any i am watching, i am not even tempted by the tv. instead, my bane is the computer. it sucks my time like no one else, i will shop, chat, read, research, shop, chat, and shop.

all this shopping steals my reading.

and now, as i sit at my quiet cubicle at this souless mortgage banking company, i realize that i want for nothing other than a comfortable chair, a big cinnamon roll and coffee, and my book. even if it is Robert Jordan.

and i have to finish it because i think i decided that my next bookling is A Wrinkle In Time. Yes, i have never read it! (and i just realized that i don't own it! gasp.)

in other bookling news, today David Sedaris' new book, When you are engulfed in flames is released. Third Place Books in Seattle is hosting a reading by Sedaris, and you get two free tickets (tickets required) when you purchase a copy of the book. i have done this! yay, i love book readings and i happen to really laugh with Sedaris.

if i can't read today, i wish it for you, sweet sweet soul.
happy reading,
~Mme. Bookling.


catholicbeer said...

I think I might read old Bob Jordan after you... we have some catching up to do.. ;)

Benjamin said...

me too that 1st book is soooo bad ass. How far is the madam?

candace morris said...

madam? there is no one by that name yet...only 50 pages into it. will keep you informed.