Thursday, June 12, 2008

it's gettin gooood!

Just in case you were wondering, reading (or blogging about reading, or blogging about a bookstore, or talking to adam about the business plan for the bookstore) can't really happen when one is marrying off a close member of the family.

Somewhere in between the penis toss game, the “Bachelorette” cocktail, the shopping for safety pins & tide sticks, eating only appetizers, going through fourty outfits for various events, and driving all the way to Egypt and back – there wasn’t a lot of time for my book, booklings, or the business plan.

I WAS able to SQUEEZE in the first essay in Sedaris' new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames while riding myself of the dancing sweat caked on my skin in the bath, but mainly I just stared at my wet feet in exhaustion while trying to comb out the hairspray mess atop my head.

I did manage to smell a couple books here and there (namely, my great uncle aubrey's old bible, oh what a scent of bliss), so I didn't completely abuse them.

But during last night’s bath, my eyes missed my dear bookling.

It may also have had something to do with joelio’s most profound statement of yester eve. “I feel like getting lost in a book.”

And so it began. I picked up The Eye of the World. And wouldn't you know it? 72 pages into the book and it get exciting! I ended up taking a 30 min bath just to read (and the water was getting rather frigid!), but now I just want to leave my cubicle and sneak upstairs to the lounge - where i would eat, sleep, and read the day away.

wanna join me? (but you can't talk!)

happy reading, loves. as always.
mme. bookling.

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Andrew said...

Joel is a bad bad man for starting you on the wheel of time series. These books are very well written and it is a truly fascinating world, but you have an epic journey in front of you. It is a twelve book series (the twelfth is yet unwritten) and all of the books range from 500 to 1300 pages. I recently "re-read" the series via audio book and each book was about 30 hours, several very much surpassing 40 hours. I am glad that you are beginning to get into it which has given me the freedom to finally tell you what you have gotten into.