Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plath makes me want to:

  1. Drink scalding coffee
  2. Perfect a lemon meringue pie
  3. Have weekly dinner guests
  4. Go to Smith
  5. Teach at Amherst
  6. Swim in the Mediterranean
  7. Warm milk before I go to bed
  8. Study Joyce
  9. Re-read her novel
  10. Write

mme. bookling


thewindhover said...

She makes me want to:
1. Sing in public
2. Have a baby with starfish hands
3. Grow tulips
4. Cry and laugh right after each other
5. Be honest

she said...

and you make me want to Plath ("to Plath" is now a verb). so transitively speaking, i must share in this list with you...