Friday, May 30, 2008

"grant an ugly woman is a blot on the fair face of creation; but as to the gentlemen, let them be solicitous to possess only strength and valour"

i had the most remarkable time brainstorming yesterday with various people about


yes, i have decided to drop the "s" for the store, mainly because it just sounds better singularly - but also because that one bookling can represent ME...

i spent the later part of a randomly spontaneous lunch with jess and kelly brainstorming about my business plan. then i talked with joel about it quite a bit later, and then at dinner with jenn and brian - we excited ourselves for an while on the prospects.

so here are some further developments:
  • if i have to stick to my guns about one concept, the real initial concept is a bookstore bar. this will be a bookstore in the front (to attract street traffic) and a bar in the back (to encourage families to still enter).
  • if required to separate the two - bookstore first! bar a VERY close second.
  • silk screen every piece of stemware and bar glass with the catholicbeer symbol (promoting joel's master brewing skills, of course).
  • brian will help the master bar tender (ben has requested this position, but he must be trained by either kelly or brad! :) ) and will also come in for daily readings for the which he can promote his new book (man-eating vegetables).
  • all i know will spend inordinate amounts of money at this place.
  • we will host a major brainstorming session for the menu pairings and writing.
  • would be ideal to buy a house and use the street entrance for bookstore, and live above it for a while...eventually renting it out (we still need boundaries from the business!)

So yeah, I am pretty jazzed. I am seriously loving how energetic everyone has been about this, and how much recourse I have at my fingertips through the people I love.

Happy Reading,
~~ Mme. Bookling.


UmberDove said...

I (and I know Brad) would love to help with the set up of the bar. Thinking on that, I really believe that the "rusty nail dusted with cinnamon" needs a pairing, maybe with some Mark Twain (definitely boyish, but with a surprising hint of sweetness, amber colored and on the rocks).

And Mme. B, your quote today made me laugh but I am surely lost on it.

candace morris said...

Answer: Jane Eyre